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Cambridge IGCSE ICT (Second Edition) [CD-ROM]


 a level applied ict

AS Level and A Level Applied ICT [CD-ROM]


Cambridge International AS and A Level Computer Science Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM


Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Coursebook

Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Coursebook [CD-ROM]


complete chemistry for cambridge igcse

Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE by Ingram and Gallagher [CD-ROM]


biology alevelCambridge International AS and A Level Biology Coursebook 4th edition by Mary Jones, Richard Fosbery, Jennifer Gregory and Dennis Taylor [CD-ROM]


physics - A levels

Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics Coursebook 2nd Edition by David Sang, Graham Jones, Gurinder Chadha and Richard Woodside [CD-ROM]


IGCSE Chemistry Course Book CD-ROM

IGCSE Biology Course Book CD-ROM
Cambridge IGCSE Computer Studies Resource CD

Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Course Book [CD Files]

Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Course Book [CD Files]

Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology Course Book [CD Files]

Cambridge IGCSE Physics CD ROM

Extended Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE by David Rayner [CD-ROM]

IGCSE Information and Communication Technology 0417 by Graham Brown and David Watson [CD-ROM]

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  1. I REALLY NEED PSYCHOLOGY A LEVEL BOOK ANY IDEA HOW I CAN GET IT FOR FREE ? Btw thanks for the links it helped me a lot!!!!!

  2. Can I get the Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics second edition text book by Mike Crundell, Geoff Goodwin and Chris Mee, and it’s cd-rom. Thank you!

  3. Hey guys…Can you help with a website which l can use to downlad Lob2014f6.pdf – Accounting Textbook (A Level and HSC Level) – Sookharee – EOI (2013) for free…Anx for your attention

  4. Can you please upload the campanion CD Files for Pure Mathematics 1 and Mechanics 1 by Sofie Goldie and Roger Porkess which are published by Hodder Education?

    1. At the moment, we don’t have the Companion CDs with us right now. We are working on getting them; however, we can not provide you with an exact date when they will be available.

        1. The CD files are appended at the end of the other eBook (Cambridge AS/A Level Business), not this one. For this book, we don’t have the CD files with us at the moment. As soon as we get, we’ll upload.

  5. Can a cd resource be downloaded on phone.
    I downloaded it and tried to open but it said that destination folder does not exist.
    Also there is some error in downloading physics AS by Graham jones and David sang as when you try to download it, it starts downloading but never stops. I guess there is no exact file size for this. Please fix.

    1. Yes, CD resources can be downloaded on phone, but you need WinRAR app to extract the files. We recommend using a PC to extract the files, and then copying the files back to phone.

      As far as the downloading of the eBooks is concerned, the file size is quite large, so you need to wait for the download to finish. It’ll finish after some time.

    1. You can use any app to download the CD files. For extracting the files, we recommend the use of WinRAR software. If you face any problem, please report us via Contact Us! tab (please make sure you mention the error you get).

  6. thanks for the awesome work. Can you please upload. Cambridge International A/AS Mathematics, Statistics: Practice Book

  7. can you present the Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics 2nd ed
    Mike Crundell, Chris Mee, Wendy Brown, Brian Arnold, Geoff Goodwi Cd rom??

    1. Can you please specify, whether you are asking for past papers or CD-ROM? Please specify the syllabus code along with the subject.

  8. i dont have a cd drive. i am not being able to open the file..can you suggest me another way how can i view the files ? please

    1. CD-Drive? These are the zip files actually, and don’t require any CD-Drive to access them. Just download the file and extract it to view the files contained in the zip folder. I hope this helps answer your query.

  9. Can you upload the CD-ROM data from AS and A level Computer Science coursebook? If you can then please do it as soon as possible. Or else, please inform where can I find those.

    1. There is no CD-ROM available for AS/A Level Computer Science Coursebook. No CD-ROM accompanies this textbook. I hope this helps answer your query.

  10. when you try to download the edexcel igcse biology book, it goes to some other link with media fire.
    I downloaded cambridge chemistry , thanx a lot for this service.

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